All instructional programs will be taught with the CTM teaching methodology.

The Common Threads Teaching methodology is a revolutionary teaching method created to teach the tennis the natural way.

Boot Camp Tennis with Elite Physique - MONDAYS

60 or 90 minutes of tennis drills combined with specific off court cardio drills directed by Elite Physique and Christophe.

Drill and Play Clinic 1.5hrs - TUESDAYS

45 minutes of doubles strategy drills followed by 45 minutes of supervised doubles play.

Team Tennis practices

Team practices for the USTA or IRCTA league season

Private and Group lessons  - MONDAY - SUNDAY

Men’s Day/Ladies Day - SATURDAY

1.5 hr of doubles organized by the staff

Serve and be served - FRIDAY

A social round robin mixer. Drinks are served during play followed by a courtside dinner.

Drill and Grill - WEDNESDAY

A 45-minute drill session followed by 45 minutes of play and dinner on the deck.

Backhands & Brunch - SUNDAY

A social mixed up doubles Round Robin followed by Brunch on the deck.

Friday Night Interclub  (Home and Away)

Club vs. Club followed by dinner and pro exhibition.


Learning and training through games to enjoy the tennis and learn sports values, without losing the rigor to achieve the improvement of the technique and advance in the tactical aspects of the game is at the core of our teaching philosophy.

Designed by Christophe Delavaut the BTCA is based on four core pillars: technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Each of these four pillars is developed intensively, and each is tailored to the player’s stage, which depends on age, physical condition and tennis level.


The BTC Junior Academy prides itself on running the very best tennis programs for all ages that provide a comprehensive development path from absolute beginner to tournament players. So no matter what level you aspire to, The BTC JuniorJunior Academy has the programs, the coaching staff and the facilities to make it possible. The BTC Academy offers free supervised match play once a week on Saturdays for 2hrs to teach players out to compete in a non-stressful environment before actual tournament play.

We use red, orange and green balls for all types of tennis programming, using appropriate ROG balls will help beginner and recreational children to learn the game faster, improve faster, and increase their enjoyment of tennis, moving them on to further tennis programming.

The Common Threads Tennis Methodology way of teaching is used and is the most unique and comprehensive tennis skills development and teaching system available. Players of all skill levels, from beginner to open level players will benefit from the CTM, as the real keys to developing tennis technique are revealed and taught like no other program! The CTM is uniquely organized into progressive lessons that will build a foundation that will never have to be undone as the players learn the game on an advanced platform.


The CTM way uses the same principles to develop every stroke in the complete game. The result is a simple, sensible and easy skills development program that anyone can learn.


Junior Tennis Programs


A 1hr Junior Clinic for the beginning tennis player to develop the important hand-eye coordination, agility and where the basic stroke production begins, focusing on groundstrokes and the serve. Players develop sufficient consistency to sustain longer rallies.


This 90minute clinic introduces shot selection, tactics and patterns of play while continuing to develop the child’s game and style of play. Players at this level are invited to play for in Saturday match play.

Clinics at this level include an element of off-court training comprising movement, footwork and overall coordination.


Players that show an elevated commitment and natural ability are encouraged to play in an elite group that play two clinics per week which sets them on a path towards our highest level programs. All drills are center around point development and match play. A third of each clinic is dedicated towards technic and stroke development.


This 2hour session is what separates the BTCA from other junior programs. Match play is at the center of our junior development program. Teaching players out to compete in a non-stressful environment before actual tournament play is a crucial in the development of young juniors. This component of our Junior Academy is so important that we made it FREE for all junior regardless if they train with us or not.


Private Lessons        Director of Tennis   Pro Staff

1 Hr.                               $70                                  $60

1/2 Hr.                           $40                                  $35


Semi Private              Director of Tennis     Pro Staff

1 Hr.                              $45/Player                    $35/Player

1/2 Hr.                          $35/Player                   $25/Player



“3 & Me” Playing Lessons

                Director of Tennis                Pro Staff

1 Hr.       $25/player                             $20/Player

1.5Hr     $40/player                             $25/Player

2 Hrs     $50/player                              $50/player



Group Lessons (4 to 6 players)

                Director of Tennis               Pro Staff

1hr         $20/Player                             $15/Player

1.5 Hr    $35/Player                             $20/player

2 Hrs      $40/Player                             $30/Player


Adult Team Practice                  $15/hr

90 minute Boot Camp              $25

Drill & Grill          $30 (Dinner included)

Drill & Play Clinics                      $15


Ball Machine       $15/30minute




Junior Program rates

Advanced Junior Clinic            1.5hr  $20

Junior Drill Clinic                        1.5hr  $20

Saturday Match Play                 2Hrs  Free


Summer Camp rates

Daily (9am-3pm) $60

Daily half day (pick up at 1:30pm) $48

Weekly $250

Weekly half day (pick up at 1:30pm) $200


Lunch included in both half and full day

Multiple child discount available

Gift cards available





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