Penny Michaels, B.S., LMT, RMT, Bowen Therapist

Penny has 17 years’ experience in Natural Healing Therapies.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Bowen Therapist, and Reiki Master.  She is approved by the Florida Department of Health and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as an Approved Provider for continuing education.  She is certified in all Levels of Bowen Therapy and all levels of the Usui Reiki System for Healing, having been taught by instructors in the U.S. and abroad.  She works full time at The Boulevard Tennis Club in Vero Beach and is an adjunct instructor for Steiner Education Group.


Her website is

She can be reached at 772-643-5199


MA#37679 | MM#32609

Fl Approved Provider #50-12839

NCBTMB Approved Provider#451451-10





Menu of Services:


Sports Massage - $110

Bowen Therapy -$75

Active Isolated Stretching - $30/15 min

Reiki Healing Treatment -$65

Hot Stone Massage -$135

Relaxation Massage - $95

*The Boulevard members always receive 15% discount on all services




Penny's massage is primarily a blend of relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, Active Isolated Stretching, and hot stone work depending on what is needed and requested by the client.

Massage (1hr): $100


Bowen Therapy:

Bowen Therapy is a manual therapy for "resetting" the body.  It is based on accupoint theory and shiatsu (meaning finger point pressure).  Developed in Australia and popular in Europe and the UK, it is not well-known in America quite yet but rapidly gaining in popularity due to its overwhelming success for a wide variety of maladies for people and animals alike. Since it is a light touch through clothing anyone from the infirm to the infant can receive the Bowen Technique.

Bowen Therapy Treatment: $70



Reiki Therapy is a type of energywork that has therapeutic benefits.  It promotes healing on all levels- mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual.  There are over a million practitioners worldwide and over 15% of the hospitals in America have Reiki programs in place. The National Institutes of Health call it a "Biofield Therapy" and reports that people benefit from Reiki. Research studies conducted in hospitals show that people heal faster- they tolerate medications, treatments, and procedures better and have shorter hospital stays.  The research data shows that Reiki treatment can be effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, and enhanced well-being.

Reiki Session: $60



Active Isolated Stretching:

Active Isolated Stretching is a technique developed by physiotherapist Aaron Mattes that involves isolation and stretching of specific muscles to release restrictions allowing for improved mobility and reduced pain.

Active Isolated Stretching: $25/15min


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