Ocean Drive Elite Physiques @ The Boulevard Tennis Club

Ocean Drive Elite Physiques is the premier provider of fitness and wellness services at the Boulevard Tennis Club in Vero Beach, FL. Chris Gurny has owned and operated Ocean Drive Elite Physiques for the past 18 years and he has been involved in the fitness industry for 30 years.


We know how important fitness training is to your tennis game and we are proud to offer a comprehensive tennis training programs such as strength training, coordination, and flexibility classes.



Fitness Classes

Body composition tests, assessments and plans from our Registered Dietician


Sport Specific Designed Workouts


Stretching Classes


Martial Arts/Self Defense


Personal Fitness Training


Group Fitness Classes/Group Fitness Tennis Blend Classes



Member Pricing

Private Single Session $75 per person (prepay 10)


Private Couple Session $50 per person (prepay 10)


Group Training Class $20 per person




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Call Chris Gurny @ 772-234-5403


Boulevard Tennis Club members are eligible to sign up for our fitness training classes specifically for tennis players.

Tennis players should do warm-up and cool-down routines with stretching before playing tennis to help prevent injuries. Stretching will also help your muscles to recover more quickly.

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